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April Malmsteen – Ever Supporting And Successful Wife Of Rock Legend Yngwie 18 juillet 2013

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As the saying goes, “In every successful man, there would be a woman behind him.” And I strongly believe that. Why?I strongly believe this for there’s a successful man I know that is strongly supported by an equally successful woman. Have you ever heard of Yngwie Malmsteen? He is an icon and legend when it comes to classical rock. He is the man I am talking about. The woman who supported him is his wife – April Malmsteen.

April Malmsteen is Yngwie’s successful wife. She is a music manager, a professional as well as a businesswoman. It is because of her why Yngwie is enjoying several achievements lately. If not for her, Yngwie wouldn’t be able to launch his tour to promote his recent album, “Spellbound.” She also had a part in publishing Yngwie’s autobiography “Relentless”. Aside from this, April is also the reason for Yngwie’s successful endorsements.

I believe there are several reasons for her success. One of them is her no-nonsense philosophy, which people around her would notice. She is also a person who strives to achieve results and has wide knowledge regarding the market. No wonder, she is a powerhouse when it comes to music industry. She is a talented businessman and also a good negotiator. All of these combined makes her a successful professional.

Surely, any person wishing to become a successful musician would like a person such as April Malmsteen supporting him or her. This is something I know not because I want to be a musician but because this is not a strange thing at all. For musicians, talent will be useless without someone to be their backbone in the music industry. I think, April Malmsteen has this role for her husband.

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So Excited For This Movie 17 juillet 2013

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outstanding movie!

I’ve by now put this movie in my to-watch list many weeks ago. This really is destined to be a top 50 movie! Anybody would like to come with me once this comes out?



Know More About Me

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Gday everyone! This is a new internet site; I am simply a genuine man.

You will find out promptly how much I relish spending time with family and friends. Heh, yeah I know, not what you anticipated to hear on my initial article however you will realize I’m not really restricted to just that. I want to to live life!

BTW one very last idea. Success is how high you bounce after you hit bottom. – General George Patton




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